Brault Roofing Maritimes Now in Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 17th, 2019 – Brault Roofing Maritimes is excited to announce that we now have a physical presence in Nova Scotia where Christopher Croft will oversee our operations for that market. Given the volume of business and deal flow we have been generating in Nova Scotia, Christopher
has joined our leadership team in order to manage our growth locally and deploy our aggressive business plan in Nova Scotia.

“Although Brault Roofing Maritimes is already working in Nova Scotia, we want to have a major impact in this market and we want people to know that we are here to stay. We looked into acquiring local players but we were not able to find leadership that fit with some of our core family values. This is an exciting opportunity for us to finally have a physical presence in Nova Scotia so we can hire local roofers and get closer to the local communities. Christopher will automatically bring us a local network to the table and I like the fact that he comes from a family of roofers, just like myself! We will not only help Christopher get to his full potential but Christopher will help us elevate our Maritimes platform to a whole other level. More importantly, we have a growing client base in Nova Scotia that is in need of a local presence for quick turnaround times. Christopher was chosen because of his knowledge of the roofing industry, his customer centric approach and, more importantly, because of his fit with our family values. We are truly excited to have him on our leadership team,” stated Marc Brault, Brault Roofing Group’s President. In this role, Christopher will become an owner of a portion of the Brault family business.

“This is yet another opportunity to add an experienced all-around roofing player that has touched all facets of the roofing business. Christopher comes from a family of hard-working roofers and has not only worked on the roofs as a roofer, but is a sound estimator and project manager with over 20 years of experience under his belt. Christopher was chosen because of his diplomacy and his desire to succeed. We are truly excited to have him on board,” stated Jacques Leblanc, Brault Roofing Maritimes’ President.

The Nova Scotia commercial roofing market needs a positive change that can only come about from a major player in the industry. Brault Roofing is that player and this is what our local market needs right now more than ever. Before approaching Jacques, I did my research on Brault Roofing and the three items that kept coming up were; Quality, Integrity and Excellence. That’s when it became clear that Brault Roofing was a great fit for me. Brault Roofing is a 70 year old family business that although has grown exponentially, has been able to keep the core family values at the heart of each and every employee. The corporate culture, vision and interpersonal skills of the leadership team were a natural fit for me. My goal is to help Brault Roofing bring a fresh perspective to not only clients but to the rest of the commercial roofing industry as well.” stated Christopher Croft, Branch Manager of Brault Roofing Maritimes (Nova Scotia) Inc.