Inverted roofs

All roofing systems with membranes can be inverted. The waterproofing layer is put down first, with insulation boards laid on top. The result is a tough type of roof, ideal for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications subject to regular rooftop traffic, tall buildings subject to strong winds, and roofs that need to support the weight of heavy mechanical equipment.

Inverted roofs can be installed independently of ambient weather conditions, once the waterproof membrane is in place. This means that the components of the insulating layer are removable, which makes repairs easier and less expensive. Another advantage is the reduced thermal stress on the roof’s waterproofing layer in all seasons. Effective drainage systems are however important to keep the insulation boards from being submerged for long periods.



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– Our proven expertise in designing, planning, installing, inspecting, and repairing inverted roofs

– Our extensive track record with inverted roofs in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications

– Selection of the most suitable materials for your specific project and budget thanks to our in-depth knowledge of available materials

– The skills and hands-on experience of our field crews, for state-of-the-art roof installation or repair

– Our full stock of material and advanced mobile equipment

– Our 24/7 emergency services

– Our reputation for integrity and excellence

If your new commercial, industrial, or institutional building needs an inverted roof, or to get an inspection of an existing inverted roof and make any necessary repairs, take a look at us. Guarantee your success by entrusting the job to a team of experts with a proven track record.



Inverted roofs

Here are a few inverted roofs we’ve built, restored, or repaired to the great satisfaction of our customers. See for yourself with these examples that we have the expertise and abilities to measure up to your highest standards and expectations.

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