Tar and gravel roofs work best in flat or nearly flat applications and are great value for the money. Layers of perforated roofing felt (organic or inorganic) are alternated with layers of bitumen heated to around 2,000 °C. It’s a widespread roofing type known for its durability. The gravel is essential to reduce UV radiation damage and the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle. White gravel is often required in urban areas to reduce heat-island effects.

A properly installed and maintained tar and gravel roof can be good for over 20 years. It is however important to repair any bare patches caused by wind, water, freeze-thaw cycles, or excess traffic as soon as possible to keep the membrane underneath from deteriorating.



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Tar and Gravel Roofs

Here are a few tar and gravel roof construction and repair jobs we’ve put our skills to work on. See for yourself that we have the expertise and the equipment it takes to exceed your highest standards and expectations.

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