Green roofs

Green roofs are increasingly sought after for their positive impact on the quality of life of a building’s occupants and on its overall ecological footprint. They do however call for careful design, meticulous installation, and regular maintenance. Regardless of the building type (commercial, industrial, or institutional), the structure has to be able to support the extra weight associated with such a roof. The drainage system also needs to be outstanding. But there’s no denying the superior insulating and soundproofing properties of green roofs. They leave a building cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and the plant cover absorbs sound while protecting the roof structure from buffeting winds.
Green roofs are made up of five layers and call for a more substantial developmental and operational budget.

  1. A waterproofing membrane
  2. A water-retention membrane
  3. A geotextile membrane serving as a filter
  4. A concentrated growing medium
  5. A layer of vegetation

It’s your choice! Flowers, community gardens, or a combination of both. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a great new space to enjoy when the job is done.



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Have your plans to put a green roof on your commercial, industrial, or institutional building hit a wall and left you with more questions than answers? Need a green roof inspected and any necessary repairs done? We have the answer. We have the skills and dedication to turn it all around and make your green roof a success.



Green roofs

Here are a few green roofs we’ve put our one-of-a-kind experience to work on in the past. See for yourself that we have the expertise and ability to do the job just the way you want it.



Condos L’envolée

Condos L’envolée