Has the roof of your building been badly damaged? Discovered a leak caused by a waterproofing failure? You know that type of damage can get worse with every passing second. Something has to be done NOW. This is the job our 24/7 emergency service was designed for. Unlike some roofing companies, whose emergency line directs you to an answering service, Brault Roofing Maritimes has a direct line. Day or night, you’ll reach a Brault Roofing Maritimes expert who knows exactly what to ask so you get the right emergency team with the right equipment on the spot right away.

Fixing It Right, and
Right In Time

As a heavyweight in the Canadian roofing industry, we not only have the people with the right skills to handle emergencies of all types, we also have the right materials and equipment for the type of roof you’re dealing with. Whether it’s a tar-and-gravel, modified-bitumen (elastomer), single-ply-membrane, inverted, or green roof, we’ll be there fast to do what it takes to prevent further damage.


We offer fast and effective emergency response combined with an understanding of the installation procedures and the right materials and equipment for the job. So rest easy in the knowledge that everything’s under control. We provide a two-year standard warranty on top of the manufacturers’ warranties on the materials we use for all our emergency work—which are always top quality.


New Construction

Here are some roofs our emergency teams have worked on. See for yourself—we have the skills and experience to quickly and effectively respond to any commercial, industrial, or institutional roofing emergency.

Meubles Ashley
Advertising agency terrace
Centre Gilles Talbot