Roof Repairs

Your roof eventually will come to the end of its service life and need to be replaced. A section of your roof may show signs of premature deterioration and you may fear the worst. Either way, our specialists will advise you on how to proceed and what materials to use for the best results and ROI along with the minimum impact on operations, staff, and building occupants.

Our seasoned inspectors, assessors, purchasers, and field crews are trusted by property owners and managers all across the country. We have qualified experts in tar-and-gravel, modified-bitumen (elastomer), single-ply-membrane, inverted, and green roofing whose work consistently meets the highest industry standards, meets all the deadlines, stays under budget, and fulfills all the requirements of each and every project.

Your Business Continuity Comes First

Roof repair or replacement invariably impacts the ongoing operations of your building and the people who work or live in it. Careful planning and airtight onsite logistics are critical to keeping those impacts to a minimum. Planning and logistics are our bread and butter—two competitive advantages our customers really appreciate.

Your Assurance
of Quality

We understand roofing materials and the specific procedures for installing each roof. That’s why we can provide a two-year standard warranty on top of the individual manufacturers’ warranties on the materials we use—which are always top quality.


New construction

Here are a few roof-repair projects we’ve put our expertise to work on in the past. See for yourself what our diverse skill set and wide-ranging commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing experience can do.

Condos L’envolée