Snow Removal

Worried that all that snow on your roof is putting too much of a strain on your commercial, industrial, or institutional building’s structure? Afraid of water infiltration and all kinds of interior problems that cost a fortune to fix? We can help! Join the many building owners and managers who rely on our seasoned snow-removal crews for safe, state-of-the-art rooftop snow removal services.

and Finesse

Snow removal is no hobby! Crew member safety is serious business, and there’s also the risk of damage to the roof—often not apparent until much later—and to landscaping and neighbouring buildings. Snow removal needs to be planned and carefully carried out with the proper technique and equipment.

Our experienced snow-removal crews work with your ground-level snow removal services to set up a safety perimeter and coordinate the process, minimizing inconvenience to you and anyone inside or near the building.

Our qualified technicians see to it that the proper snow-removal standards and procedures are applied, since they differ for tar-and-gravel, modified-bitumen (elastomer), single-ply-membrane, inverted, and green roofs.


Entrusting your commercial, industrial, or institutional rooftop snow removal to us eliminates the risk of worker injury and the serious damage that could result from overloading your building’s structure. It also helps your roof drain better after winter rains or during spring thaw.


New Construction

Here are a few roofs we’ve put our expertise to work building and repairing in the past. See for yourself if our skills and equipment measure up to your exacting standards.

Condos L’envolée